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Everybody Loves Jimmy Jay!
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Your Wedding will be the most important day of your life. Don't trust just anybody with this special occasion, only trust the BEST!

When you hire Jimmy Jay Entertainment as your Wedding Disc Jockey Company, you are getting more than just a Disc Jockey. Jimmy & his staff of trained professionals know what to do and when to do it. We help you with all the details of your event.
We can be your bridal consultants.

  • We will guide you into the making the right decisions for your event.
  • We will tell you what you need and what you don't.
  • We are in the business of making your event the best it possibly can be without breaking your bank.
  • We will sit with you and guide you threw your decision making process.
You have enough stress in your life, come rest with us.

Jimmy Makes Fenway Park History!
The First Disc Jockey To Do A Wedding on The
Feild at Fenway 9/2/2003
Use our Print and mail form or our easy
On-Line form if you already know all your info.

Make your personal interests known ahead of time!

...How to be introduced
...The first dance song
...Keep the function hall informed
...Gives you control
...Gives you the options
...At no extra cost!

Jimmy in the Broadcast Booth
at Fenway Park 9/2/2003
How can you be sure that your Disc Jockey has the skills
and leadership necessary to make your day complete?

How do you hire a Disc Jockey?

Will your Disc Jockey understand "dynamics" of your wedding?
When to play music that's tastefull which complements your
setting? Assisting you on your decisions for background music?

Don't forget to capture all your memories forever...

Video by JoAnne

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...Special settings ...Centerpieces ...Themes ...Creative freedom
...With breakthrough designs ...The perfect addition

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  The Music You are Hearing is that of De Luna

Special Request Entertainment is proud to represent De Luna

Add The Elegance of The Celtic Harp
to your Wedding, or any Event!

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